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Toronto PATH Retail

The IQ Food at FCP is open - and they don't accept cash apparently, which is a bit odd.
The IQ Food at FCP is open - and they don't accept cash apparently, which is a bit odd.

That's just stupid. What happens when debit networks go down? I have been in restaurants and even Loblaws, when the networks were down and i had to pay with cash.
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In Brookfield Place Longo's has been working on an expansion for a few months. The hallway that (if I recall correctly) many years ago led to a smoking area was moved east (after the luggage store and Merle Norman closed) to accommodate this. Hoarding states Lindt Chocolate will open where Rocky Mountain Chocolate was. Enterprise car rental will open a few doors away from Avis/Budget (taking just half of what was a small Great Canadian News). Rogers wireless has opened next to Kupfert & Kim (I believe Rogers left Royal Bank Plaza Path location for MAC cosmetics expansion). Would be nice if Brookfield found a tenant for the main floor where Obika Mozza Bar was.
Hertz car rental is opening next to Enterprise in Brookfield.

Five Guys burgers is open in FCP.
The city has updated the Toronto PATH map. Unveiled this morning.

'Colour system is gone, main corridors distinguished from rambling inlets, more connection with the world above'

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Thanks for the update, @devjohnson. I like the new map. Although for a map that's trying to be more connected to the "world above", odd that they don't note Ryerson in the top corner. They have Roy Thomson, what about notations for Royal Alex, Elgin, Massey Hall and Mirvish (given that those are presumably destinations of a lot of people not already familiar with the PATH). I like the "5 minute walk" radius (should be "5-minute walk", but I digress), just not too sure how accurate it is.
The Market by Longo's reopened today in Brookfield Place after being closed ~2 months as they completed an expansion. Many more grab & go options but salad bar in back corner appears to have less options with a compact set up that allows for fewer customers to access than previously. Branding/style seems consistent with St. Clair location.
"Now arriving at Osgoode. The next station is: Osgoode"
That 5 minute walk ring seems way off, especially if you are actually in the PATH and walking through it, as implied by that map. Perhaps, if you were on the surface, and you could walk unobstructed in any direction, it would work, but the built form of the city and PATH is not at all like that. At a brisk walking pace, with no other pedestrians bumbling around in your way (good luck with that on a weekday in the PATH), you are not getting from there to Union subway station in 5 minutes, by any route. Even on the surface it's a challenge with clogged sidewalks and waits at traffic lights.
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What they really ought to do is have better signage for rough directions. I have used it quite a bit and I still sometimes get lost. A newbie or tourist would feel the pain

Of course there is lots of traffic, but I am not sure enough people shop for the stores to make money

Out of curiosity, anyone know roughly what rent is going for?
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