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Edward can work; think of all the loading docks already on Edward to service the Atrium on Bay. 53' trailers would not be practical, but most retail downtown manages to get their stuff in their stores.

Target has successfully operated multi-floor urban locations, I am not aware of Wal-Mart being able to do so.
Yeah Atrium on Bay has it's loading docks on Edward, so where would Wal-Mart put it's loading docks? On Edward too, I guess??? Again, I'll say Edward is too small to make a retail concept like Wal-Mart work profitably on the site of the WBBS.
I think the main barrier is the fact that the site as it currently stands doesn't not have a presence on Yonge Street at all. That, and Edward as it currently stands right now isn't the most pleasant, thanks to the Atrium on the Bay loading docks/waste disposal - it has a tendency to smell.

And besides, Wal-Mart don't really do hardcore urban sites like these.


In Tokyo, Walmart operate urban stores under the name 'Seiyu'. The shelving is the same, there are Walmart branded products, the store credit card says Walmart and on the cash register display screens it says Walmart. The one in my neighbourhood is 7 floors (although 1 floor is a Muji and 1 or 2 others might also be occupied by other stores). It also has an automated bicycle parking garage but no car parking. My hood is considered part of the Tokyo suburbs but it's definitely urban.
Took this photo from the Delta Chelsea on June 28th while visiting my living liver donor. (after the operation)

Congratulations, Red Mars, and welcome back! :D
Huge congratulations Red Mars and welcome back to the game!

This is an ideal spot for a highrise replacement though as AofD notes above it's not the most pleasant street because of the Atrium on Bay's loading area and garbage smells. I think badly needed street-scape improvements with shade tolerant trees could minimize the impact of the Atrium loading areas. There's such a dramatic contrast between Edward Street and Elm Street just one block north.
That's the Elmwood Club.