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Only slightly larger than their College St store (31k sq ft vs 27k)

Should be a somewhat more functional layout though, I think.

Likely most of the new space will go prepared foods/meals-to-go; but you could see some growth in other sections.
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Here’s hoping this is actually an outpost of Aloette! Taken 13 October.

I have no inside info on what the Board's mandate is; I honestly can't tell you what's next for Indigo.

Heather Reisman (founder and CEO) and Gerry Schwartz (spouse) are extremely wealthy; Schwartz has a net worth of $1.4 Billion. Barnes & Noble may be 5 times larger than Indigo but it's the latter that may have deeper pockets. Barnes & Noble only has a market cap of $46 million. It's plausible that they might want to bow out and sell but the reverse is also an option.

That said, they're 75 and 81 years old respectively. The interests/wishes of those inheriting their fortune likely come into play.
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