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Feb 1, 2021
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Taken from DevApp Link:

"Relocation of Oriole GO Station"

DevApp Link:

Taken from Architectural Plan:

PLN - Architectural Plans - APR 20  2021-4.jpg
PLN - Architectural Plans - APR 20  2021-25.jpg
PLN - Architectural Plans - APR 20  2021-26.jpg
PLN - Architectural Plans - APR 20  2021-27.jpg
PLN - Architectural Plans - APR 20  2021-28.jpg
PLN - Architectural Plans - APR 20  2021-29.jpg
PLN - Architectural Plans - APR 20  2021-30.jpg
No update sorry, but wanted to cross post some pics from the GO Construction thread for the sake of putting them here for thread completeness.
The Leslie Subway Station is to the left, the Oriole GO Station is the train bridge going over Sheppard Avenue East, and Old Leslie Street is the road bridge to the lower left.
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Oriole GO Station is straight ahead (west), while Leslie Subway Station is to the right (north).

Was looking at the renders of the "Transit and Trails Fuse City and Country at the Residences at Central Park" article and noticing the main building north of Sheppard wasn't planned. This it a project I have mixed feelings about, not because I don't think the new platform with direct access to higher density developments and the subway doesn't make sense because it definitely does, but because of parking. I'm not a big fan of big parking garages at stations because to me it defeats the purpose... it is giving up on the last mile (or first mile as it normally is). However, normally space under the freeway is completely underutilized and the use of the space under the 401, with lighting and parking, was a good use of the space. I hope they can come up with creative ways to make that space useful after the station moves, or make the 400m walk bearable with proper weather protection.
An interesting part of this Oriole Station shift is that the indoor connection to the subway is being left to a different phase. It looks like they are trying to quickly get the station moved at low cost, while allowing for easy deconstruction of part of the canopy to build in the connection to the tunnel at a later time as well as leaving a platform for a second track to a later time as well.

Another interesting thing is that with this investment and future Bridge station with surrounding TOC developments... at some point this line will have the same push for all-day service as Mississauga so I wonder which will come first.