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They haven't even finished the TPAP yet. This is for the next stage. TPAP is supposed to be done soon - we should finally hear some news on the whole project in terms of its design beyond basic lines on a map.

Also, I expect Metrolinx will release something to the public on the Relief Line North sometime soon. They must have been working in the background on it for a little while now at least.
Any evidence of them actually starting the TPAP?
According to, it should start soon
Link to RFP, also it closes on December 15th:


The TTC requires the services of a consultant for the Relief Line South (RLS) tunnel design. The Work of this Contract is to complete the Concept Design Report and Preliminary Design and Engineering for the Tunnels and associated facilities for the RLS, together with a cost estimate and project delivery schedule, to 30% design completion.

The RLS project is approximately 6 km in length, in the City of Toronto that is anticipated to be developed possibly as a combination of twin-bored, single or mined tunnels.

It is expected that there will be five new Stations and modifications to three existing Stations (Pape, Queen and Osgoode Stations) as well as several associated facilities, to be developed to the preliminary design stage, under a separate Stations Contract, including but not limited to the following: Gerrard Station, Carlaw Station, Broadview Station, Sumach Station, and Sherbourne Station.
So much for the naysayers. Good to hear. With a provincial election on the horizon expect a big announcement for this and Richmond Hill.
Would not be surprised if the Amazon bid is also somewhat relevant in the conversation.

That station at Broadview & Queen is pretty damn relevant now.

Has the Broadview Streetcar Extension been formally announced and funded yet? That is another couple of announcements they will be happy to make, I am sure.
If the conservatives win, this is the first project that gets cancelled.

Infact in their platform, I would expect money from this to be dedicated to Yonge Subway to Highway 7 and/or Sheppard extension East, which touches 4 or 5 ridings that they could win.
Nice to see them talking about only to 30% design...historically they'd give a contract for all design, and a Design-Bid-Build would be a foregone conclusion. Going to 30% is basically what you'd need if you decide to go Design-Build-Finance (DBF) or tack on Operate or Maintain (DBFO, DBFM, DBFOM ie. P3).
.... Queen / Carlaw is being called Carlaw Station? Well that is a bit confusing, especially considering they are calling Broadview... Broadview.