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Regular immigrants wait their turn and follow the rules. Refugees sneak in and take advantage of the system.

Every now and then I run into people who go on and on about refugees and how they're ruining our country. I've never really understood it other than as some form of muted xenophobia

Couldn't have said it better myself.
One Park West

Just wanted to let people know who had commented on One Park West's facade being too bland that new wood panels have been installed along the east face of the ground floor.

They look great.
Organic waste disposal certainly does impact LEED buildings ... they're all inter-related. Air flow is at a minimum due to the stringent energy requirements with LEED. Therefore, one had better plan for how to manage organic waste disposal. Some Einstein at Daniels thought it was a brilliant idea to have the air from the garbage areas vent out and over the entrance to the residences. So, the entrance foyers always smell of garbage, or better yet, a mortician's workshop. Some unit owners have complained that the stench is now in their units and what is Daniels going to do about it. Daniels' answer ... they're going to study the situation some more and report back in another 6 months. The garbage room air vents right out over the entrance, and whenever anyone walks into the building, they're bring the smell back in with them. Very very brilliant building design ... NOT. So, Daniels' plan is to 'study' the situation until the building audit is complete and hand over the problem to the condo board with the issue unresolved.
the project looks awesome, love the color!
anyone knows if similar projects will happen west of it, the miserable stretch between Victoria and Parliament on Dundas East? it is probably THE most depressing street in Downtown.
KKgg7: As of now there are projects popping up on Dundas and Jarvis: Pace condos has already been sold I believe and construction will begin relatively soon, while 200 Dundas East is being repackaged and sold as a potential development site. Otherwise, between Jarvis and Parliament nothing is happening on Dundas E that I know of. There is a decent project called the O2 Maisonettes on George and Shuter, though.

It would seem we both share a desire for the East side to get spruced up. As you said, if Regent Park can work, anything can. But there is a lot of work to be done: Moss Park has to be taken care of, while social services in the area need to be reimagined. Perhaps there should be a nice place for the homeless to hang out instead of the street, which is the only thing keeping private dollars from Dundas and Queen East, given its evident charm in the form of our heritage buildings and the infrastructure already in place.