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  • Wow, that is bizarre, we are in the same block LOL...very cool! You must live just above me :) The only thing I'm a bit nervous about is that although I get to check on the townhome once a week at least, I do worry about it being on the ground floor and I find that without a gate its a little bit open. Although love the foliage they just put in. It would be nice to meet you and your family, I have seen a few people upstairs, in fact we might have seen each other and not noticed! Lets keep in touch for sure, I may come down during the week or definitely on the weekends. I wonder when registration will be...hopefully soon. Roland
    hey steve squared! I just thought I'd say hi to you, am one of your neighbours I bought one bedroom townhouse and will eventually be renting it out. I think it is a great investment and envy your 2 level townhome, I hear they are spectacular! At the moment during ocupancy, I'm going down on the weekends to stay and find it very safe and vibrant. You sound like a very decent guy, would love to meet you, neighbour! Maybe at the Tims ;) Thanks for your opinion on the board, it is much appreciated! Roland
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