Toronto Nobu Residences Toronto | 156.66m | 45s | Madison Group | Teeple Architects

The best angle of this one is where you can't see the glazing. This morning:

This one has really grown on me. I like the fact it's dark. Anything to help take away from the sea of blue and green box's in the DT core makes me
I just absolutely hate what they decided to do with the balconies.... like why? Here is my view blocked by a peice of spandel.
I guess I am in the minority here but I do not mind this project, from a distance at least. Breaks up some pretty meh architecture in the area

No that's what I mean, I'm totally with you. In it's early stages I thought this was hideous, now I kind of like it.
@Red Mars

Red Planet can make anything look good* with his witch's brew of angles and light... and he does it here (excepting the grey nightmare of the back door).

Admit it those of you who are venting on this ad nauseam... you're working through other issues at home 😶 and if you hadn't seen those glorious renderings... you wouldn't mind this so much.

*I have noticed though that Red Planet has studiously avoided "Social". That one is likely immune to even Red Planet's magic...