Toronto Nobu Residences Toronto | 156.66m | 45s | Madison Group | Teeple Architects

It's just laughable at this point! The inner sides of the towers were supposed to be sleek curtain wall are the same spandrel from the back of the building in the alley. 🤣

PS can't wait to read how Toronto realtor will have to spin this as "ultra luxury" in their listings. "Do you enjoy prison cell balconies, then boy is this building for you!"
I’m so happy I sold my unit here more than a year ago. It had those depressing tiny balconies on the corner with a big black monolith blocking a good chunk of the view. I always had a strong feeling that those perforated back faceted panels would be VE’ed for solid aluminum panels (and not so sculpted), it would have been a pain to clean and maintain as well if the material was perforated. Lots of lost opportunities and poor decisions made here which is a real shame.
The interior finishes are decent but nothing special.
The Entertainment District is quickly becoming packed with similarly tall buildings with very little views, so I was happy to get into something much nicer in a better location, and nearby buildings will block much of this disappointment.
Can we ask which for location you traded your unit here, @neuhaus?
I bought a nice 900 sq.ft. unit with 350 sq.ft. of terrace at KING Toronto.
I worked with Westbank and they are the most dedicated, passionate and detail-oriented developer here. Other developers should be learning from them.
I had bought two pre-construction condos here for my home and I still ended up spending tens of thousands of dollars to fix, renovate and improve brand new condos to my liking after taking possession (not to mention the massive frustration dealing with Tarion). I know I don’t have to do that here.