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Thanks for explaining that. Sure you shouldn't vandalize that which is not yours, I'm not saying you should. What I am saying is that this is getting demolished, so it's not a big deal, better it happen here than on a nearby functioning business, or someone's home.
There are many cities who have designated graffiti parks. Why bother trying to fight a pointless battle? Maybe they should say "hey go ahead" if they did I guarantee the caliber would be raised, people would do things worth looking at rather than some stupid tag quickly before they got spotted.
There are many talented graffiti artists in this city.
Has the building been tagged? Or graffitied? Because it's not the exactly same thing. I'm guessing tagged, and if I right, I wish the reports would say use that more specific term, and not call it the broader 'graffiti'.

Has the building been tagged? Or graffitied? Because it's not the exactly same thing. I'm guessing tagged, and if I right, I wish the reports would say use that more specific term, and not call it the broader 'graffiti'.


Tagged. From the output, even it can't even be called talented tagging.


Public Meeting Notice: Honest Ed’s Development

Posted on:
March 27th, 2017
Notice of Public Meeting to be held by the Toronto and East York Community Council (Under the Planning Act)
Request to Amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law
Application No. 15 188751 STE 19 OZ and 15 188805 STE 19 OZ

Location of Application: 571-597 Bloor Street W, 738-782 Bathurst Street, 26-38 Lennox Street, 581-603 and 588-612 Markham Street

When: Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Time: 10:00 a.m., or as soon as possible thereafter
Place: Committee Room 1, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West

The applications to amend the Zoning By-laws propose to permit the development of a number of mid-rise and tall buildings, at the southwest corner on Bloor Street West and Bathurst Street, ranging in height from 26 storeys on Bathurst Street, and stepping down toward the south, north, and west. The proposed development comprises 60,500 square metres of new residential floor space and 17,900 square metres of new non-residential space, including a new public market and a day nursery. A 4-level underground parking area with 480 parking spaces, a total of 1038 bike parking spaces, a new public park, new pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle connections, and improvements to the public realm are also proposed. A total of 24 of the 27 listed heritage buildings on the site are being retained and incorporated into the development.

The proposed Official Plan amendment is required to permit the introduction of tall buildings into an area where the existing and planned context is not represented by tall n buildings, and to redesignate a portion of the site from ‘Mixed Use Areas’ to ‘Parks and Other Open Space Areas: Parks’.

Detailed information regarding the proposal, including background information and material and a copy of the proposed Official Plan Amendment may be obtained by contacting Graig Uens, Senior Planner, at 416-397-4647, or by e-mail at

Purpose of Public Meeting
Toronto and East York Community Council will receive input and review the proposal and any other material placed before it, in order to make recommendations on the applications. These recommendations will then be forwarded to Toronto City Council for its consideration.

You are invited to attend the public meeting to make your views known regarding the proposal. You may also submit written comments. If you wish to address the Toronto and East York Community Council in person or in writing, please contact: City Clerk, Attention: Ellen Devlin, Administrator, Toronto and East York Community Council, 100 Queen Street West, 2nd Floor West, Toronto ON M5H 2N2, Phone: 416-392-7033, Fax: 416-397-0111, e-mail:

To assist with scheduling, you are requested to call the City Clerk’s Office by 12 noon, April 3, 2017, if you plan to make comments at the meeting.

Special Assistance: City Staff can arrange for special assistance with some advance notice. If you need special assistance, please call 416-392-7033, TTY 416-338-0889 or e-mail.
The graffiti still hasn't been removed. If anything it's only getting worse.





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Forumers, what are your thoughts -- Will this development go through as planned if the province changes laws around how much landloards can raise rent, applying it to new builds? There were so many years where purpose built rentals were not being built, and finally we are getting some new purpose-built rental, but I wonder if that will disappear. Not that I'm happy about allowing unlimited increases to rents.