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Apr 24, 2007
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Mississauga, where cars rule city growth
I don't see why transit agencies should be represented. Metrolinx should be accountable to people, not other governmental agencies. Maybe mayors should be on the board, or representation elected by each city council weighted by population.
The first BOD was made up of Mayors and Chair person and they got very little done in the first few years that they were all sack. The same thing happen to the 2nd BOD to where members today come and go after they serve they timeframe that are stagger. A few have been asked to stay on for X time while others have left before their time was up for various reasons.

Very rare do you see the members of the BOD question staff or reports real hard in public meetings as most of that takes place behind close doors. The BOD members are selected and approved by the government.


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Apr 22, 2007
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I would be totally fine with the province appointing half of the board, and the other half being appointed by munipalities. It makes no sense for 'TTC' to have a seat on the board.


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Oct 17, 2020
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Sorry but, wrong. The plan has been from day one that all transit systems in the GTAH area would be under ML control at some point of time. How routes would be service would be left up to the remains of current system, the cities and those who have taken over routes from current systems. This is the London model. One only has to look at York Region to see the London Model and what ML is looking at. You can add Atlantic City NJ to this model and something TTC has been looking at.

ML is responsible for fit-out other than what is needed by miWay.

Anything that has change at ML after the contract was tender has never been included in it or in the contract. Have said that, there wasn't anything stopping ML from making changes to the contract by the way of change order or amend the contract.

In the US, some States order all the buses for all the systems in the state either under their name or a combination of State and Cities. One State just order BYD buses for every system in it as well has options for other States and system to be part of the ordering process.

I do not know that that has "Been the plan from day 1"

Metrolinx was started when the government of Ontario to run go transit everything else that has been handed over to them has been by the government of Ontario. Metrolinx was never set up to properly administrator anything outside of go transit. It should have been set up like metro council was in Toronto and have representatives from each of the transit agencies in the GTHA, instead they want to sit in their conference room and dictate to everyone how they want to do it and if transit agencies don't want to play by the rules they want to set out they get the government of Ontario to threaten to withhold funding for public transit.

This is incorrect, GO was put under Metrolinx' control (more like a merger) after Metrolinx was created. The transit agencies surely should not be in charge, Metrolinx didn't exist for decades and the transit agencies didn't bring riders integration etc. they could have formed organizations and unions as happens in other countries and clearly they did not - at least not in any way that brought results.