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Am baffled by copyright name game issues in the development sector.

Just add apostrophe S and rip off the name of a minor masterpiece by Erickson. Of course KIng Landing probably ripped their name off somebody somewhere...
Just a simple rough search on BuzzBuzz shows at least 5 "King's Landing".
Erickson's Kings Landing is a much better building. These names are technically just marketing names for a development, but it's an interesting issue in that a lot of developments retain their marketing names after the projects are complete.
That's my question: how many people that live at EP or HC actually refer to them as such? Eg. telling a pizza person to come to Emerald Park isn't helpful, nor is asking an Uber to come to Hullmark Centre...

All City Place buildings are referred to by address alone. You live at '15 Iceboat Terrace' not 'Parade I'.
Fair, I think for the vast majority of buildings, unless it's iconic or it's development name is an address, it probably won't be used.
Honestly, Ice Condos might be one of the only recognizable names I can think of off the top of my head, although definitely for the wrong reasons.
The one condo building most people in the city seem to actually know the name of to me is Aura. You could probably tell a taxi to go to Aura and they would get it.
Construction has begun.