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Perhaps a little Canadian insecurity showing through!!!!!

Trust me when I say.. It is the "MODERN" way, and it is everywhere... You are just inundated with it, because you have so many projects... :rolleyes:

Mpls has built many 4 story precast, assemble by numbers, apts and condos, (which when they do not sell, are turned into apts!! LOL)
Block E downtown is a pastiche of horrible facades, new Mosaic in Uptown is a precast monster at 8 storys, and thats as tall as they dare go,even with 4 floors being a parking ramp.. ( and there is no Mosaic anywhere to be found)

The quality level in Toronto so surpasses these projects that it amazes me you think the Toronto way is inherent to only our fine city???? :confused:

I recall many beautiful projects built recently on par with anything built in N.A.!! ( Lumiere?? Four Seasons?? X??? Ice??? (we will see?) Ritz, SL??? I think your all a little spoiled.. and if you think that making money as a bottom line, is only in Torontonian construction.... you should spread your eyes a litte wider!!!! ( and by that I mean south if the border!)

You make some pretty good points here. I think we're pretty spoiled. I do wish the build quality standards were better.
With Tux, Noir and a ton more projects launching in the area this year by veteran developers, it will be interesting to see what happens here....7 May 2012 sales centre pad begins:

Still having a difficult time for this project to grow on me. The incorporation of the Westinghouse looks especially awkward.
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I've walked by that many times -- that has to be one of the smallest sales office I have ever seen!
Looks like there's not going to be a model suite in there, unless they have 100 sq.ft. condo units.
I have my fingers crossed that this will meet a similar fate to the Tux....without the prospect of it being reintroduced. The towers are just horrible.
I honestly don't understand why the stacked cubes proposal got squashed. This new P+S design is horrendous (go figure). I also hope this project gets cancelled or goes back to the drawing board.

Here's hoping for a market crash!
One can hope but an Easton/Remington partnership makes one stacked team.