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That's a very grassy looking dog park across the street.
hmmm. part of me feels that it appears as a smaller version of Dundas Sq Gardens. Anyone else see it?
Demolition application"
Application: Demolition Folder (DM) Status: Not Started

Location: 48 POWER ST

Ward 28: Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Application#: 15 246963 DEM 00 DM Accepted Date: Nov 4, 2015

Project: Printing Plant Demolition

Description: Proposal to demolish existing 3 storey printing plant.

DM Zoning Review Not Started
Zone - Other Dvernichuk, Garrett
Haven't seen this before....

Core architects.


More information/documents can be found here
I like how Richmond has turned into a 2-way street in that rendering
This is a hulking beast.

On lots like this, I think this would look better if the developer had two different architects design two different buildings (or at least go with an approach like The Well). One part of this is fine, but this feels like too much.
I have a difficult time imagining it. If built as proposed it would really dominate the street.. but maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing around these parts?

Also, as an aside it reminds me of a cross between 158 front st and another building, which I can't think of at the moment.
King Street East, a block south of this, is already dynamic and animated.

Why not repeat that formula here? I see no reason why this entire block should be built with the same slab podium we see everywhere else and not a more fine-grained approach like Westbank/Mirvish Village. This is a blank slate and an opportunity for city building and I'm afraid it's going to be squandered.

...But I'll list some free reasons here to get the jump on podium apologists:
- Huge grocery store.
- Richmond is a highway on ramp.
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