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love it how urbandreamer seems to drop into every new thread now, and claim that every new project is by quadrangle...
They should buy the whole block and be done with it. It will be a lot easier to build as one site than 2 or 3.
Considering GG's partnership with Hullmark here, I wonder if this project will include a notable commercial component to replace the existing office/employment space.

Ward 28 - Tor & E.York District

Application for a 22 storey mixed use building containing street related uses and residential dwelling uses above. The building will be composed of a 6 storey podium and an additional 16 storeys above. A residential gross floor area of 29, 350 square metres is proposed with 1,114 square metres of retail uses at grade. The building will contain a total of 431 units, 204 parking spaces and 439 bicycle parking spaces. The existing building at 125 Parliament Street currently contains 12 rental apartment units. All 12 units are proposed t be replaced within the newly constructed building.

Thanks for the pics! Nice to finally see the rendering and the proposed building. It's difficult to tell if the render people are happy here.