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Any chance of the second tower increasing in height with the height race at the One and Pinnacle One?

Unlikely. The overall design by Gehry is a condition of the approval here, so it would open a real can of worms. This is also a more complex structural build w/the cantilevers.

I'm sure there's some wiggle room, but I doubt there's enough to be bothered revisiting the thing again. But I could be wrong.
Which building is 2 storeys tall?

A very good question, that I wasn't looking forward to; in as much as I have no idea! LOL

I took a very thorough look at the site and definitely don't see any 2-storey portions (I wondered if there might have been one tucked in the back somewhere, but I don't think so.)


I'm wondering it it's meant to read as 5+2 (as in a 2 storey addition tucked in somewhere?) Just a thought.

If you peer down the laneway from the north, there does appear to be a small 6th floor:


(note the different brick colour at the top)

This could just be a roof access or such, there are a few add-ons on the roof of the building. I frankly don't like that as an explanation, but don't have any other just at the moment.
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November 22: Ongoing site preparation for the Ed's Warehouse building demolition - first photo is the King Street side, second from of the Duncan Street side:

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This might sound silly but I'm going to be sad to see those old fire escapes gone. I love seeing those around the city but because of development you see less and less of them.
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Techies + photographers of UrbanToronto I need your advice! I'm looking to setup a decent quality time-lapse camera or maybe even a live feed ;) to watch this building go up but I'm not sure if I should be going the purpose built route or hacking together something on my own.

If anyone has recommendations or links to tutorials I'm happy investing so we have a cool video to look at a decade from now (barring I don't move soon). Here's a shot from today.

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Forma Condos is a partnership between Westdale Properties, Great Gulf and Dream, and will sit smack in the middle of the city’s entertainment district near the Tiff Bell Lightbox.

Although Gehry’s typically resplendent building design is enough of a selling feature in and of itself, Mitchell Cohen, chief operating officer of Westdale Properties, says the location is irresistible to buyers.

Moreover, sales for the first 72-storey phase, which began in January, have been so robust demolition began a couple of weeks ago and construction is slated for spring.