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East tower construction must be starting soon, looks like they’re setting up the West building to be the new sales centre.

Outside is painted interior is fitted out.
Out of curiosity, Have you ever considered using a more realistic graphics engine? There are some very realistic looking models being made.

I'm happy that koops gets the building's message across being in the 3rd dimension mode. Being off topic, as for this person on cities skylines. I think is one of the best modders happening on this game for realism. And he started this town as an American or Australian style city. With little highway infrastructure and building density which made sense. Then he europeanized it by adding too much density and mass transit etc. Which is overkill for a small town in my opinion in real life. But still one of my favorites to watch. P.S. less is more lol!
I have yes, and some day I might try doing that, but I have been building this thing on Second Life for over 10 years now and I'm quite comfy with it.
To my understanding, they're 3D versions of Koops65-san has been contributing over here of sorts: