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Has Finch lost its Line 6 designation? It appears gone in those renderings.
still there
Another waste of space where you can have an office building there and the entrance to the LRT at grade like a number of places for the current subway system.

Even the 2nd entrance can be in a building as well than being stand alone generating no tax base.
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Impressive! Could tell that was borrowed from one the Eglinton crosstown stations. A funny feature I found was the Confidant Coffee restaurant which is similar to the Cafe Au Lait restaurant in the Eglinton crosstown. I wish the concourse was bigger though.
We have a new front page story up on the Site Plan Application. My takeaway from it: not everybody's going to enjoy the down-up-down connection between the LRT line and the subway line, or to up-down-up one in the other direction. Read all about it here!!

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Finch is being widened. It is basically a construction site from Keele to at least Highway 400 (I didn't go past the 400).