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That's hilariously inept. It reminds me of when I worked in a bookstore and some junior marketing type came in with a spec proposal for the shop – he wanted us to have a mascot, which was a book named Booky.
I actually find the mascot kind of endearing.

Like a tiny weird spawn of the CN Tower rather than some cutesy animal/abstract shape à la Pam Am Games/nearly every Olympic games.
Okay I have so many questions with this decision.

The defining feature of the CN tower is that it's tall, really tall. So tall that its massing gives off the impression of being slender and elegant. The subtle curve as it rives offers a sense of levity, as though it's growing taller every day. The pod at the top floats above the city like a watchful guardian, ever present and benevolent.

So then the execs decide it needs a mascot, no problem there; there are literally hundreds of mascots for every possible thing in Japan, and it comes off cute and endearing.

But then we have this thing. It just fails in so, so many ways. Let me count the failures:

1. It looks cheap. The CN Tower was a magnificent feat of engineering requiring cooperation and expenses unseen before in Canadian, nay, global history. This cheap fabric is an insult to that process.
2. It's not even a personification. Where are the eyes and mouth? It's so easy to add a face to something and have it come alive. This just looks like a lab experiment gone wrong.
3. The lines are atrocious. The CN tower is beautiful with its perfect (well not so much any more...) curves and lines. This looks like a cake made in a rush for a grand opening.
4. The colours are wrong. There is no blue on the CN tower. I get that it's supposed to be the sky reflecting, but the CN never looks blue unless it's being lit up.
5. The arms. Just why? They're not cohesive with the tower! All they would have to do is add some black, white, and red rings and it would tie it together.
6.The utility box above the Sky Pod. I do not think it's something people think about when they imagine the tower. Why force a detail that adds nothing to the - I'm assuming playful - attempt at re-imagining the tower?
7. The feet at the bottom. As the eye follows the zipper (I know it's not a zipper but it might as well be) down to the base you expect something to tie the outfit together. Instead you get some grey shoes. MAKE THEM RED!! It's so easy to jazz up something with an already red colour scheme!
8. It's way too bulky in the middle to look tall. Here it just looks squat. The curve is all but gone. They should just remove the grey body and keep the head and up.

I hate this and I'm not sorry.
I see that the mascot failed to incorporate that newly-butchered window aesthetic.



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From Daily Commercial News:

The second phase of the project is the complete redevelopment of the LookOut floor which begins in October. The CN Tower will again be partnering with PCL on the project.

"It's in early stages but the redevelopment will be the entire floor, updating HVAC and things like that as well, but again it's about the view...and really just making it a world class observation," said Jones. "We're competing with other towers around the world that are popping up in New York, London, Chicago and we want to stay modern and of value to the people that are visiting Toronto."

Thank heavens.