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Feb 1
This is one of those few buildings where having another carbon copy won't take away from the original, just like the TD Centre.
Not only that, but there's a number of new things also coming:

Finally get the proper skypark - about three times the size of now with better access.
Two new footbridges
New landscaped laneway
Crazy cantilevering structure
AND it's a few feet taller (should have been a few hundred feet taller but we can't have everything I guess)

What's not to like?
Rookie question probably… What is all of the spaghetti? I see it all gets buried in the concrete and rebar but what’s it for exactly?

Looks like cable ducts - used for electrical wiring (lights, electrical outlets, basement fans, other electrically powered equipment), and data wiring (telephone and internet, fire alarm system, security access and controls, building automation sensors and controls) and so on. Even in the basement levels.
Sent to neighbours:

As you know, demolition of the Yonge Street viaduct is underway. Crews are currently building the second half of the perimeter concrete edge beam of the wall to complete the project, and have identified additional work that will require access to Yonge Street to complete, including modifying traffic lights in the intersection and work on an adjacent overpass.

As a result of the additional works, the anticipated construction end date for this work has shifted to Saturday, April 8, 2023.

During this time, part of Yonge Street, from Lake Shore Boulevard to Front Street, will continue to be closed to facilitate the remaining construction activities. Presently, the two northbound lanes on Yonge Street, from Lake Shore Boulevard to Front Street will continue to be closed to facilitate the remaining construction activities. Two-way traffic will be maintained on the southbound lanes. Access to Esplanade has been reinstated to Yonge St.
To facilitate these new construction activities, the traffic will be switched between North Bound and South Bound lanes. The following schedule shows when the traffic will be switched on Yonge Street, from Front to Lakeshore.

  1. Southbound Lanes closed (February 25th – March 10th)
  2. Northbound Lanes closed (March 11th – March 24th)
  3. Southbound Lanes closed (March 27th – April 8th)
We understand the impact of this closure on the neighbourhood, and crews are working as quickly as possible to complete the work safely. We thank you in advance for your patience during this extended work period. If you have any questions pleas reach out to us at