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Today. Just one shot of the north tower’s rising core, taken from the park

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They also installed some kiosks similar to the ones at the Christmas Market on the park, maybe they'll host some events once the foodcourt opens. The foodcourt is now delayed until 'Spring 2023'
18 Yonge is clearly no masterpiece, but I'd suggest that FAR worse design crimes have been committed since that went up!

I don't know about far worse, but yes there are many other ugly buildings that have gone up, but we can't block them all out so we just have to be happy when one does get blocked out once in a while. Especially in a location like that.
18 Yonge is fine lol. Even back when it was built its short height and location allowed it to blend in. It's not a skyline killer like Daniel's Lighthouse Condos...

I will say though that the contrast to CIBC Square just across from it doesn't do it any favors.
Dec 21
With Yonge close of to getting ground shots, left to getting closeup shot on Bay only now.

The steel work for the 2nd tower is a lot different so far with steel beams place across the core to help to support the steel work. One can say there are steel columns inside the core.

There one slab of steel about 4-6 inches sitting on top of columns with columns on top of it and no idea what it been use for. More steel up for the roof over the track with steel going up on the west end first..