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Dear Neighbours,

As you know, demolition of the Yonge Street viaduct started this October.

We’re happy to update that we’ll be finishing demolition this weekend (December 3rd and 4th) and are moving on to the next phase of construction, which includes building back the perimeter concrete edge beam of the wall. During this phase of construction, vehicle access to Yonge street will be maintained with some restrictions for the safety of workers and drivers. Two lanes of traffic on Yonge Street will be reduced, with the northbound and southbound lanes switched to one side of the street.

This work is scheduled to take place Monday, December 5 to Friday, February 10, between the hours of 7AM to 10PM.
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I know these buildings arent even done yet, but what are the chances the rail park gets "filled out"? Does CIBC own all the air rights between their buildings and just chose to leave some empty?
I know these buildings arent even done yet, but what are the chances the rail park gets "filled out"? Does CIBC own all the air rights between their buildings and just chose to leave some empty?
There's no chance that Ivanhoé Cambridge and Hines (who own this complex) will make a larger park. What's being built represents the portion of the site the City requires as parkland, even though they don't technically own that space under the deck that they are building. That deck is expensive to build.

There have been other posts on UrbanToronto, and comments on some front page stories, wondering if more park decks over the rail corridor east of Union Station might get built in the future… but there's a different context on the east side: the tracks are all up on a berm, and building over them would create a huge wall/island up in the air. Even on the west side where the tracks are depressed in a trench compared to the height of the land on either side, people already complained enough about how high the deck of the Rail Deck Park/Rail Deck District development would have to be built over the tracks so that one of the interior parking levels was deleted so as to make the climb up to the park less onerous. There's also far easier access on the west side with both Front Street to the north and Iceboat Terrace to the south at grade, something that just doesn't exist to the east…

…so I'd be very surprised if anything more ever gets built over the tracks on the east side of the station.

These new pieces of steel look like they‘re the connectors that will form the ‘plate’ of the cantilevered support structure.


📷: @Johnny Au


“12 steel nodes form the base of the bracing structure, providing connection points for steel beams that extend out to the edge of the building’s elevations. From there, another set of nodes are used to connect the steel beams, creating a plate of sorts, upon which the total load of the building will be laid and redistributed down to the core. The steel structure itself is shown isolated in another diagram [above].“

Diagram and text: UT homepage article
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6:30 pm Thursday.
You can see ~30+ floors of CIBC then ~ 6 floors and ~8 floors of other tenants.
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The different light quality from within on the different sets of floors, one a cooler white light, and one a warmer, more yellow-hued light is quite peculiar. I'm sure we've seen this other buildings in the City, but rarely has it been so strikingly apparent that I recall. But perhaps I've missed a few high profile examples?