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B) Let's talk about the lighting. I spent a little time today and estimated the number of spotlights. West and east faces: 276 spotlights per face. North and south sides: 144 lights per face. TOTAL for Phase One tower: 840 spotlights. Perhaps a similar number for Phase Two. I have a sense this will be utterly spectacular. Is there another building in Canada that has done this on a modern tower? (Glad to see The One is going a similar route). Even a car's headlights low beams can be seen for miles away (ever drive in the Prairies?). So I suspect each spotlight should light up the adjacent white framing pretty intensely then diminish as you get farther from each light. The overall effect could be stunning. Not gaudy or tacky but majestic. And after a snow storm or rain (if my garden spots are any indication), some steam should rise from each upward-facing spot to create yet another interesting moody effect for any passerby.

So yes, count me as one who is loving this....

The success of the lighting will also depend on what they can do to control the office lighting behind. I wonder if they'll be able to dim, or control at least the internal perimeter lighting. I suspect there will a bit of tinkering on site to get it right as it's a subtle art. It wants to give a dramatic accent, no more... whilst fun in their way, I'm happy to leave the tacky lasers and neon showiness to the Chinese or Dubai.
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Now now :D
Beautiful pics though MBurr. Especially the 4th one. The reflections are definitely the thing. The facades are going to have many moods!
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