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An interesting lobbying subject in relation to this that might make one think this is close to happening (subject to approvals)..........


This would imply an overlap in timeline between the 2 projects, with Yonge Tomorrow slated as 2023-2025.
Under the OMB Appeal docs, 20-Apr-23.

Thank you.

Short: Tower 1, no height change, Tower 2, from 49s to 89s, Tower 3 from 84s to 90s
From the Cover Letter:




From the Planning Rationale:




What I really want to do is hear from @ProjectEnd ; in the rationale for the changes, one of the key items cited is the proposal for next door at 372-378 Yonge.

Which, of course, we know from PE isn't real.

So we have a not real proposal being used as a precedent to increase the heights of a real proposal. LOL
It was a two tall tower proposal to begin they went back to that?
Confusing renderings (and mishmash of materials)... the shorter black tower had great scalloped windows, which I think I see on a (now) white tower in the pics.

The shortest tower has been scalloped clear/white-ish glass for some time now. Not sure what you’re referring to.