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Having taken a look at the new plan, there's a lot to like in the materials (finally getting scalloped glass somewhere in this city is exciting) and the POPS connections, but I'd like to share an idea on how I think the dedicated park space could be better integrated and activate the area as a whole to make it vibrant and exciting. Please keep in mind this is wishful thinking! I'm not taking into account the complexities of the idea.

Next to the public park is the blank wall of 38 Elm street, circled in red:

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Obviously this isn't really ideal, as the park will feel darker and built over. It's also unfortunate that neither side provides any type of retail activation and just generally box in what should be pleasant park space. Of course neither site was conceived with the idea a park would be going here; but I feel there is a really important opportunity to give this space life over just being another boxed in park like the YMCA park nearby.

Let's start by saying, I share your concern about darkness/narrowness; It's not how I would have chosen to site a park here (errr, I wouldn't have, given a choice, I would have taken the park off-site, but hey, not my choice!

I would note though, as opposed to the YMCA, this park will at least be open on two sides, with the POPS directly to the north.

With the owner of the land at 335 Yonge (the lot with all the food stalls) currently looking to build a condo/sell the land, those businesses face an uncertain future. I believe this space would make a perfect permanent place for them to relocate to. The businesses there do quite well, and I can foresee the huge outcry in the future when they are forced to move, so I think it'd be best to plan a move early.

With Elm street being an already well known food street off Yonge, and the disappointingly small amount of retail space provided in the current plan here; that space feels perfectly suited to not only upgrade things for the current tenants of the lot at 335 Yonge, but also allow for more seating and provide more space and opportunity for up and coming restaurateurs like them.

If anyone else feels like this is a good idea let me know, I'm tempted to email some councilors about it, as I think it's an entirely valid use of the park space as it's not only enliven the food culture of Toronto but providing the spaces for those already established in the current market at 335 Yonge. This isn't even saying some space can't be left for some greenery either, it's quite a wide space that I think shouldn't be left to waste.

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I like the gist of your idea............but it won't happen here.

That food stall site is ~6000ft2; the proposed park is ~8000ft2

So to replace all or most of it here would be to make the park 75% commercial space and hardscape.

I not only can't envision Parks agreeing to it; I don't believe they could legally (I don't think that would pass muster under the Parks/Openspace zoning, in which commercial can be an ancillary use)


But I like your proactive's a notion............the Toronto Coach Terminal is about to come up for redevelopment. It's also very nearby.

The City could ask that space be provided within the new building's storefronts; and mandate retail along Edward Street, the sort of street that normally wouldn't get any retail; which would mean the possibility of lower rent.

Keep in mind the City is the owner of the site, and so can dictate terms of sale.

Also, the current Edward Street frontage is set up to allow inter-city coach buses (it's abnormally wide); I would normally advocate for wholesale narrowing of about 2-3M.

But you know you could mix some narrowing with some food truck stalls, without impinging on room for 2-way traffic at all.............

Just a thought.


By comparison, Elm Street is a bit less than 11M curb to curb.
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What does this mean? is the project approved?

In a word; 'No'.

If you clicked through on the above; you would see this:


OZ is the zoning application, which you can see is under appeal, to what is now called the OLT (it was called OMB back in 2015)....****

The above is, in fact, quite misleading, in that a settlement offer in respect of the zoning was approved in 2018, but is not documented in AIC.............sigh. That really must be changed.

SA is the site plan approval, which remains with the City 'under review'.

SB is the new application, which has only recently arrived......and isn't even being looked at yet.


All of which is to say, the biggest hurdle has indeed been crossed; but all the 'i's are not yet dotted; nor all the 't's crossed.
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Im so glad that the resubmission is mostly consistent; what an excellent development.
While I agree with the base of this project being pretty nice, I do wish a bit more for the top of the buildings.
A bunch of really good architectural topped buildings coming through these days, but a lot seem to just end and be like "Ok, these is as high as we go" and slap a MPH on the top like a hat.
Resubmission from May 5, 2022.

Renderings are essentially consistent from the previous submission last year:

View attachment 401120View attachment 401121View attachment 401122View attachment 401123View attachment 401124View attachment 401125View attachment 401126View attachment 401127View attachment 401129
The fluted glass podium and unique window shapes in the tower really makes this interesting. Unfortunately I also see them as the first things to get VEd out
It would be nice to bring back the original rendering of the tallest tower! It has a more visual impact than this one does.
I actually did a double take when I remembered this is an architectsAlliance design given many of their recent offerings/stumbles... but then these images have been around for nearly 4 years (hopefully key design team members for this are still aA).
No new renderings are updated in the database. The total building story count remains at 86, 49, 31, and 4 storeys. The total height slightly changes from 112.42m, 170.50m, and 283. 53m & 16.0m to 17.32m, 283.47m, 112.75m & 170.67m. Total unit count changed from 400, 528 & 1181 units to 410, 528 & 1181 units. Finally, the total parking space count was reduced from 473 to 455 parking spaces.