Toronto Charlie Condos | 122.83m | 36s | Great Gulf | Diamond Schmitt

from today
It's going to be great to see this thing <FINALLY> get above ground.

Why did this one take so long? Fewer workers? Or because of its tight sight? Both?

Definitely going to be a very handsome building. :)
poor Gläs will be really boxed in before you know it.
based on the rendering, the windows of the Hudson up to the 7th floor will have the brick wall of Charlie's podium just a couple feet in front of it.
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That's the danger of living downtown - you might get a nice view of a brick wall!

(Apologies for the lousy Blackberry photo.)

View from King St. Those tenants in Gläs facing south are f'd. How could they not think that the parking lot wouldn't someday turn into a building?
The people had to understand when purchasing a unit that the parking lot would be developed. I'm sure some will mind, while others will just deal with it. What choice do you have, other than to sell your unit - which isn't practical at all times. I'm sure those people who bought East views at CASA never suspected that the office building would be redeveloped into CHAZ, blocking their views. I don't think anyones view is 100% "safe" in Toronto.
last photo is interesting --- looks like a couple of the workers are knee deep in concrete. I wonder how they pour on the incline of that ramp without the slurry flowing down.