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You expect to live in downtown, but you don't want any buildings nearby. Or maybe you do, but just ones that you can't see out of your window/balcony? Am I understanding that correctly?

If the buildings were spread out a little bit it would not be so bad. You can practically jump across balconies the way some of these places are built.
yep, I'm fine with looking at another building 30-40 meters away, but don't ask me to look at a blank wall 6 meters away. those 14 meters can make all the difference.
Does no one read the paper anymore? I must be old.

A covered up render was in an ad in The Star today. Looks like Casa II, except with a shift a la Exhibit Condo on about floor 10.
Probably just an unintentional act of marketing design. I see them at least pushing 50 storeys considering the success of previous phases and its neighbours.
Clear image found here:
Clear image found here:

From the link:
Cresford Development is going to present a new 56 storey tower at 50 Charles St E, Cresford has not decided the project name yet. Mostly likely the tower is named as CASA 3 Condominums. Casa 3 Condo's lobby will be furnished with HERMÊS.