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... cycling infrastructure in North York is ridiculously underdeveloped,... compared to downtown Toronto. And cycling infrastructure in downtown Toronto is ridiculously overdeveloped - compared to North York!

Where does all that cycling infrastructure money get spent? Mostly downtown in the old city of Toronto,.... thus, the "suburban" wards are subsidizing cycling infrastructure for downtown Toronto. Why???? Who advocates for cycling infrastructure in Toronto?,.. Cycle Toronto,... and the vast majority of their paying memberships are downtown, west end, east end and midtown - in the old city of Toronto and that's where cycling infrastructure money get spent.

Doesn't the fact that Toronto builds bike lanes on busy arterial streets downtown but not in the suburbs have something to do with the different (and less car-dominated) political culture downtown compared to suburban wards?

It has nothing to do with the tired, Fordist rhetoric about "downtown elites" getting all the infrastructure dollars.


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Hey guys.

Is there any online plans of the retail for this building? I would love to see whats in store (no pun intended)

Check out my previous posts on this thread,...# 48, 52, 81, etc,...

Plans are in the city planning final reports for this development,.... the St.Lawrence Market type won't be huge but it's a decent start with a combination of indoor & seasonal outdoor market,.... waiting on the new developer of the former Centrium land to the north for their development proposal and if city can get this St.Lawrence Market space also expanded onto their property as part of a deal involving Section 37 Community Benefits or Full Public Access on Private Property or whatever,....
I wonder have plans have changed; Looking at:

There's talk of 3 floors of retail.

But on the becon's website:

There's only talk of 15,000 square feet; Also it looks like the 3rd floor is now for condo amenities.

Also there is 0 mention of the market they planned here on the condo website, which is odd if they plan to go ahead with that.

There was never talk of 3 floor of retail here,..... Gibson Square to the south can't even fill out their one floor of retail!!! Their north tower retail space and second floor office space with Yonge Street frontage remains empty!

For Beacon, originally 2nd floor was for condo amenity,.... 3rd floor was for office,.... a bit odd so maybe they came to their senses and switched them.

The first floor has retail space,... larger format along Yonge frontage (ie NOT pacific Mall cubical retail space type),.... north end WILL have St.Lawrence Market type retail space,.... about 5 stores (bakery, fish, cheese, butcher, deli) and food court area along with community space,.... this St.Lawrence Market retail space is NOT the developer's vision or plan,.... it's from City Planning,.... this St.Lawrence Market retail space along the north side of ground level will be handed over to the city!,....this was agreed to as part of Section 37 Community Benefits,..... the developer can NOT change it! Similar agreement for the adjacent south side of Centrium to the north,..... the original Centrium1 had plans of multiple retail levels with Pacific Mall cubicle retail space to become a Korea-Town mall,..... but of course, now they have new developer who seems to be implementing a similar development,....
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Thanks for the details ! Offices in condos do generally take a while to get filled; Doesn't mean they won't; Also I imagine with gibson house some of the issue is that at some point 3 brewers was suppose to move in right ? But it seems like they backed out, maybe that delayed anyone else from moving in ?
Let the guessing begin... Apple store!

You Wish!!!

Yeah, I know, there's 3-4 stores there, each worth about $1 million to $1.5 million,..... you know how many iPhones the Apple store will have to sell????

The area's economics and demographics tells me,..... it'll likely be another crappy Asian food place,.... serving overpriced instant noodle or bubbletea. Apparently, that's where the money's at!!! ;p