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I guess I just missed a couple of UT members today - March 13-2024. I wished I had missed this site. It\'s really ugly.

^ Nice shot. That dumpster gave me hope that Fartistry Condos was going to end up where it belongs.
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Seeing this beautiful example of G+C's work REALLY made my day today. Just look at that white cladding shine!
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(Sarcastic Lee, or as I'll just put after my posts on this thread from now on, SL*)
Hard to see in these photos but the rounded corners of the white cladding is unforgiveable and an eyesore that I cannot unsee - I will take a photo when I have a chance but picture the difference between curved glass and segmented glass but with metal flashing.

Everything about this project is unforgivable! >.<
Once you clear the podium, it’s not SO so bad.. the execution’s pretty cheap, but I really quite like the balcony design. I think it’ll ultimately look ok from a distance. We’ll see.

The podium though… between XO at King and Dufferin and The 1200 Dundas West, I thought I’d seen the worst that precast brick had to offer. I was incorrect.