Toronto Artistry Condos | 103.5m | 29s | Tribute | Graziani + Corazza

I wish I saw this render sooner, so I knew not to get my hopes up
Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 8.03.24 PM.png

somehow this is still not accurate, unless they decide to then paint all the white wavy slab edges GREY
…if that’s their idea of exquisite, then we wouldn’t need awful. /sigh
May 16
Lot more up on my site and more to come that are in a number of locations






It's wild that Tribute couldn't do anything better than this nonce garbage at an insanely central location. Like, you had a site *AT* the AGO, and you went: I'm going to ask Berardo and / or Enzo what they think would be cool here...

Meanwhile, in goddamn Mississauga:
You know the old story, square building that are cookie cutter with the run of the mill crap is cheaper and faster to build while using the balconies as the design is the standard these days.

There are few buildings in Mississauga that should be in Toronto along with some Toronto waterfront buildings putting the bulk of buildings to shame.

When the Absolute Tower became the winner of the design competition, there were 15 other designs that would fit nicely in Toronto, but were not square with no one wanting them.

Very few towers have any real colour to them and this not one of them.

The finish kills M1 & 2 and looks like 3 on that way. Shape wise is a different story, but in the end, still a square box with ends and sides doing the shaping.

32 storeys allegedly, regrettably, although the database still says 29, so I guess I’m confused.

As much as I don’t despise this project as most members, it’s undeniably bad, and any height increase, if confirmed, is unfortunate.
Reminds me of that Ministry of Defense building (generalstab) in Belgrade that was bombed by NATO in the 90s - which stood untouched as a monument for a decade


And what the complex looked like before the bombing.