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It's unfortunate though that the brise-soleils were cut from the design.

Is that confirmed yet? Cause from the latest photo of the building it looks like the finishing around the windows are still incomplete.

You can see a metal insert/decoration at the top of the first floor to the very left here. Is it technically possible for them to install the rest with a cherry picker?

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Concrete sidewalk in the front. They couldn’t do some nice landscaping?? Pavers. Lights etc ??
They tried. Brick paving was in the early design submissions, but the city shot it down. The planning department hates non-standard paving treatments. There's a post somewhere in this thread many pages back with the city's comments -- I remember, because I complained about it at the time.
yup, just received this email. June 15. Who's booking a room??

It's been a decade since I've stayed in a Toronto hotel, but after a quick price check $349 isn't as much of a premium for downtown as it looked at first glance.

I stayed in a suite at the King Edward for many weeks (waiting on condo occupancy) at $130 in 2010.
yea, not too much of a premium. The rooms look quite small though which is likely why the starting price is lower like that.