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Apr 24, 2007
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Upcoming development for the SE corner of Camden & Brant. Currently this:

The adjacent property to the south is Brad Lamb's Brant Park condos.

Pre-application consultation - 51 Camden St. and 19 Duncan St.

Date: Thursday April 7th
Time: 6-8p.m.
Location: Metro Hall (55 John Street), Rm. 308/309

6pm - Presentation on 51 Camden St.
7pm - Presentation on 19 Duncan St.
Anyone know how far down Camden this project will go? Is it just the building on the corner of Camden and Brant?
It may be the entire block--sounds like it'll also be more than just condos here--perhaps a boutique hotel?!

I just woke up from a dream where the design of this site featured prominently. Neo-deco bronze-metal hotel on the corner with curved corner and 2 reddish-brown brick residential masses to the east--looked very DuKe meets RC3.
Shim Sutcliffe?? This should be very good
whaaaaaaat?! This is going to be good. Real good. Every project Shim-Sutcliffe has delivered has been fantastic, I'm excited to see how they handle multi-family residential.
It's a 13-storey hotel Fibonacci - nonetheless pretty exciting
Some of you will probably say I'm barking mad, but looking at the architect's portfolio I'd love to see a design that incorporates wood somehow. You really don't see too many tall modern buildings making use of it, which is a shame because it's such a timeless, impactful material.
I can't remember the last time I had so much excitement over a blurry little Twitter pic. So intrigued to see what Shim-Sutcliffe do here; and it already has a handsome neighbour in the Brant Park midrise next door.