Toronto 88 Queen | 167.35m | 52s | St Thomas Dev | Hariri Pontarini

I'm OK with the colour. The straight flatness with all the lines is what bothers me much more. It's a busy boring - but the other facades of the building might make up for it.
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Most of the other buildings in the immediate area are darker tones. So I think this will be ok. I might be less forgiving if it was in different company.
This one is not a rental. The Elm and The Ledbury behind it are the rentals. And it's supposed to be Spring 2024.
Rental not condo
When did this tower change to being a rental? The original plan this was to be a condo with the two towers behind being rentals. Honestly curious as I can't find any information on it being a rental aside from the fact the UT database says it's a rental in the fact sheet (but also says its a condo in the description, so I'm very confused). And based on a quick google, there was a sales website for this project. I'd love for it to be a rental, but I can't find any indications outside of UT that it is. Maybe I'm missing something.