Toronto 88 Queen | 167.35m | 52s | St Thomas Dev | Hariri Pontarini

When did this tower change to being a rental? The original plan this was to be a condo with the two towers behind being rentals. Honestly curious as I can't find any information on it being a rental aside from the fact the UT database says it's a rental in the fact sheet (but also says its a condo in the description, so I'm very confused). And based on a quick google, there was a sales website for this project. I'd love for it to be a rental, but I can't find any indications outside of UT that it is. Maybe I'm missing something.

It seems i was mistaken. only the other 2 towers are rentals.


The podium on this building is sweet, so I'm hoping that the mint green colour above the podium grows on me.

That whole area is really starting to come together. Look at the canyon up Mutual street at the 6:20 mark on this clip via The Ken Continuum on youtube.

Even on the broad side of the tower they really bunged up the elevations by using a mess of light coloured mullions around the building envelope. It should visually recede and let the balcony treatment read as the primary facade. It’s a shame they made a number of various poor choices given that it’s the tallest tower in the development.

I know HPA were designers here, were they also AoR?