Toronto 88 Bathurst | 68.3m | 17s | Hines | 3XN

Noticing the fire damage in your second pic. I had a pretty good view of that event from my balcony. Does that greatly impact construction at this stage?
when did that happen? I live a block away and could see the building from my terrace but I never noticed a fire happening there.
It occurred the evening of December 21. You can find some footage if you search for Bathurst Stewart Toronto Fire on Twitter.

The smoke was quite powerful at the time and I smelled it from my balcony a couple blocks away.
January 4 - The first sunny day in quite a while:



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Great shots. Thanks! I guess a couple more floors until top out. Still holding out hope that the coloured panels weren’t ve’d out! At this rate it might be ready by the summer.
So is this thing getting any of the white brick anymore, or is it all spandrel now? I appreciate the bronze (yay not grey) but this thing's looking like a bit of a clunker and that podium is a disgrace. the balcony/glass detail has not been added yet. While the building looks kinda bland in its current state...I gotta feeling this thing will start looking funky when it is added. And likely in a good way..
Saturday Morning - January 27. The north crane at 88 Bathurst has been working today. For much of the morning, it has hoisted a garbage bin up to just below the crane operator's cabin, and it has just been sitting there. I do not recall having seen anything like that before - anyone know what might be going on here?