Toronto 88 Bathurst | 68.3m | 17s | Hines | 3XN

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Taking what I can see from @AHK's photos, it does to me. It's not often we see some good quality colored cladding and framing in the inner walls, and the podium cladding (while not dramatically exciting) looks very sharp to me.
Yea I dunno, it's looking very generic 1980s office park to me and nothing like the renders so far. It's still early though.
Nov 28, 2023



Will reserve my final judgement for later, but so far compared to the renderings it’s a total disappointment for me. the first floors cladding looks so generic and at that length, it's too much glass, the façade is just a glass fortress. was expecting so much more from this Project
Busy at work on Friday morning at 88 Bathurst, until noon. All quiet now - looks like the entire crew has gone home for the holidays.

Noticing the fire damage in your second pic. I had a pretty good view of that event from my balcony. Does that greatly impact construction at this stage?