Hamilton 75 James Condos | 108m | 34s | LIUNA | Graziani + Corazza

I really hope something goes up and sorta blocks the parking garage in front of it - ever since that place was demolished in front that whole area has felt so bare..
pictures from this morning:



Addendum: a few more photos from a bit later this morning, including a close up of the glazing.







Starting to peek out from the other side of the GO Centre. I didn’t realize how prominent it would end up being from here — the location of this tower really helps make the downtown feel much closer to the GO Centre, rather than the current state, which is a number of towers that all feel rather distant. I appreciate that about this project.

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Makes the Y look rather dismal and gloomy in comparison - hopefully it gets a facelift one day o not look so dark...
Looks like floor 11 being worked on?
That sounds about right. The plans I have for this one are out of date so I am not sure whether the second above-grade slab is being considered a mezzanine or the second storey. If that one is considered a mezzanine, they’re pouring the 10th floor, if it’s considered the second storey, they’re pouring the 11th floor.
That Y is amazing on the inside, and such a huge asset in downtown Hamilton's community despite being by no means state-of-the-art any longer. It needs an exterior renovation and facelift for sure, not the wrecking ball.