Hamilton 75 James Condos | 108m | 34s | LIUNA | Graziani + Corazza

Milborne Group is a condo marketing firm, not a developer:

Which is all the more curious as to why they were listed as the purchaser of the Connolly. If I recall correctly, it was confirmed at the time that they were representing an unnamed ownership group.

The developer of 75 James is Fengate and LiUNA - who from my understanding hired Milborne to do the marketing for their condo.
Well, maybe they’re doing it on behalf of the real builders to line themselves up for the marketing job. It’s not like the Connolly is some scrub- there’s a reason it was one of, if not the first real condo site in the city of today. It’s just a slam-dunk project that’s too lucrative for its own good it seems. So why not ensure your company is the one who gets to sell it?
This tower has really picked up pace the last few floors. I'm actually quite excited for this one. It really going to standout.
I've never seen it from that angle before (unless I missed an earlier post). Thanks for posting.
Gonna be a great addition.
The progress here has been massive in the past few weeks. You can already see the tower from James & Augusta. Really looking forward to see this one climb up above 15 floors, it will really make an impact on the skyline.