Toronto 7 St Thomas | 38.71m | 9s | St. Thomas | Hariri Pontarini

Then credit goes to them for not missing a beat.

Fun fact: Every utility company is supposed to embed a coloured chip into their cut so you know who did it. You can see it in the bottom of the photo.

The colours are wild! One is “salmon”. How you’re supposed to tell that from red or orange I don’t know :)
The trees are looking good now, the building is looking amazing.
Beautiful! Everything about this project, from the sidewalk bollards to the mix of old and new is simply wonderful. Heritage preservation within a strikingly modern new build that honours the past rather than the typical 'facadectomy' hack jobs that we see all too often that are then fobbed off on us as 'preservation'. I only wish more developers would use this example as a template to help preserve this city's rich past. Kudos galore to the architects and developers for a job well done and congrats on this project being featured in Architectural Digest!
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My first time seeing this. It's gorgeous. The glass reminds me of lower part of 19 Duncan.
This building is one that in decades to come we will look back on as being of significance as typifying HP's style and pioneering the use of the beautiful curved glass that has been used on a number of projects since.

Nice to see it featured in architectural digest, although I question the quality of their fact-checking in calling the Victorian townhomes "centuries-old". Over a century old, yes, but very little in Toronto is multiple centuries old, and by definition, none of it is Victorian.