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This might be my favorite lowrise build in a long time. Just everything is great. The attention to detail is magnificent. Design between the old and new hits the mark. Great job by HP and the builder.
The view from Bellair. Incredible urban layers from this vantage point.


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@Northern Light - Any insight into what's happening with them?

I haven't been by to look at those, so I'm guessing based on the picture.

But given the summer we've had, the very small openings around the trees, no gator bags (water bags), I'd guess dying of thirst....

Now not all of the trees are doing equally bad. So there are other possible explanations.

I will try to check it out next time I'm downtown.

But in terms of successful planting design that's pretty abysmal.

The more open soil the better; it's one thing if you have a busy, but narrow sidewalk, but there's room to play with there.

EDIT: Notice the trees two pictures up in the series, doing much better, w/more open soil.
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be so consistent, in that regard? You have to hand it to the City for meeting its cut and patch quota, each month.

It's not the City, it's a utility company. Bell, Rogers, Toronto Hydro, Enbridge.