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1 st tommies, your view gets punked.


OPA / Rezoning 10 313261 STE 27 OZ Ward 27
- Tor & E.York Dec 13, 2010 Application Submitted Dec 13, 2010 Commercial 7,728 0 7,728 0 1,688 --- --- Hynes, Michael

Rezoning application to construct new 9 storey office building - 3 levels below grade parking - 70 parking space - Non residential building. Please note application is for 1,3,5,7,9 Sultan and 11 St Thomas St.

Damn, is theatre books history?
Office building ?? I love it :)

hmm, help me picture where this is going - I can't quite tell, are they demolishing the houses on the north side ?
What an absolute waste of this property. I'll be sad to see the old houses go but if they must, at least an elegant condo or a boutique hotel.,123.94,,0,-11.65

What's your issue, the height of the project ?

The houses are interesting but not amazing - they're a dime a dozen in some parts of Toronto so I don't think they're a large loss at all. Height wise maybe ... but office use is great - it's somewhat surprising ... almost wonder if it's a misprint and it really meant to say residential.
Really sucks to see the homes go, don't care if they're a dime a dozen. If you're not frequently prancing around the residential streets of Toronto on a daily basis you'll never come in contact or experience them so your point is null and void. It adds great character and dynamic to the street and it especially sucks to lose them for a 9 storey building at that!

Hopefully it doesn't get approved.
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Is is a real shame to see those houses go. (And don't be surprised if a fuss gets kicked up about this.) Whatever else, I can assure you that it costs far more than a dime for a dozen of these things, anywhere in the city.
An office component here is great. These buildings are already used for small offices.

Tearing down these buildings is a terrible idea though.

There is enough space behind the homes to build up something skinny and combine the buildings, something akin to the RCM addition. I am sure a fuss will be raised about this. I will raise a fuss about this!
It would be sad to lose these :( With so many drearily mid rises around these old houses add some character to the neighborhood. I don't think an office building is suited for this area, people would spend a fortune to have a townhouse in the Bloor-Yorkville part of town.
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Agreed, it's not that those houses are unique, but they really make that part of town. They preserve some old Yorkville charm and prevent the area simply being a financial district style sea of skyscrapers.
Though given that we're only talking about 9 storeys here, I'm wondering if retention *is* being considered--a bit of a retro-70s a la Diamond/Myers, perhaps?
These houses aren't average in design, either. Bay and Gable Victorians are common; these houses are more unusual with great brickwork like that of the front arch and extensive terracotta details that are still intact. The angled windows at the corner of the facades are unusual. Also note the attractive the Second Empire house at the end of the row.

We shouldn't lose these houses, which look like they've been beautifully maintained so far.
This is such a charming little intersection only 1 block from the hustle and bustle of Bay & Bloor. I often sit on the benches and have a coffee while passing through here. Minto is building a 10 storey office building along with a condo across the street from these houses. I hope they keep the houses and build mostly behind them.