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July 21, 2019






Omg I didn't even realize the South facade had a completely different cladding...So bad!
@Contra that's why this thing is such a mess. If CF was consistent throughout the renovations and used the south facing cladding for the entire project, this thing would actually look half decent.

Instead we're getting some kind of mishmash hogwash non-sense. You can always count of CF to find a way to make something look much worse than it was in the past.
Lol I understand. However looking on the bright side of things perhaps this will be cheered up with something.?
I'm probably in the minority camp with this opinion, but I kinda of like how this recladding is looking.

I've never thought the Simpson Tower was an attractive looking building. I always s thought it was drab.
It looks like they did 3/4 of the building and thought, "Jeez ya know it's looking a little bright, maybe let's throw some darker cladding on the south side." Maybe they owed two different cladding companies money or something as surely only blackmail could lead to such an abomination.