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the longest, most drawn-out and excruciating reclad in history of the City. Also, the most prominent to boot.
And the worst re-clad in modern Canadian History goes to....the Simpson Tower! Congrats Cadillac, you've found a way to outdo everyone!
^As long as Cadillac wouldnt be responsible for the restoration that would hold true. Asides from that there's no hope this will be fixed in any of our lifetimes.
The most prominent reclad would be First Canadian Place, IMO.
Maybe for a keen eye but to the rest of the city it went from slightly dull white to a little shinier white with black insides. Most prominent for me is Richmond Adelaide which went from black to light blue. Quite stark.
It looks like they haven't done irreparable damage. This can be restored one day.

The precast concrete was in poor condition (why the reclad is proceeding in the first place) before they put 1000s of holes through the panels. There is no going back.
I wonder if a developer could build as tall with respects to the shadowing guideline
July 15, 2019



The unfortunate thing is the quality of the glass seems pretty...decent. It's just grey as sin. I think it would really benefit from the backside of tall those curtains being black, at least we'd get the horizontal banding which could look good. The light curtains make it so messy...
The selection of glass here is just outright clumsy. Evidently they couldn't even make up their minds on what kind of glass they wanted, so they went with 2 (possibly 3 with the top of building) competing styles which dont even blend in well together.

We'll have to see if CF decides to plaster their logo on this one too, which would complete the butchering of this tower.
I went by this morning and have to say that I’ve done a 180 degree turn on this re-clad. I like what I saw. I never liked the old concrete facade, especially combined with the awful Sheraton concrete hulk The new cladding emphasizes the building’s vertical stress and blends nicely with the surrounding buildings. I also prefer the lighter grey tones. It breaks up the concrete wall on Queen street south of NPS. I do, however, reserve the right to flip again as the project proceeds..
So what exactly are they doing to the top?

I hope they've dropped the idea of doing that ugly cut-out, and just do a reclad + a revamped lighting feature.