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Sep 3, 2008
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Yonge & Bloor
Application: Zoning Review Status: Not Started

Location: 401 BAY ST

Ward 28: Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Application#: 14 145275 ZPR 00 ZR Accepted Date: Apr 22, 2014

Project: Non-Residential Building Other Proposal

Description: Proposal to re-clad existing non-residential mixed use 33 sty building. Simpson's Tower.
The concrete precast is falling apart (which is why there is scaffolding at street level). The exterior needs to be repaired....and I guess this is their solution. I wonder what they have in store.
I love this tower, so I hope they don't ruin it.
I know they turned off the lighting feature of the roof a long time ago. I've noticed it seems sort of half lit all the time.
Yeah, they need to preserve the overall look of this building. It predates almost all the CBD towers save the TD Tower. 46 years old this year!
Hopefully the reclad (at the base of the tower) will provide a unique / distinct / modern (?) facade for Saks Fifth Avenue (if it's at that end of the block). (Although the new Home departments are on the 7th floor at that end)


From the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship thread:
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This is one of my favorites in the core. Be prepared for it to be ruined. And forever lost in history. Is there a render of this so called re-clad? The over all look must be preserved.
This is one of the most beautiful Mid century architecture examples in Canada I'd say. Should be preserved or given some sort of special status designation. Absolutely no to craptacular glass and spandrel on this thing.
I'd like to see the glass invading on the brick part of the Bay building go (it looks like the blob slowly eating another organism!), but overall I do hope the reclad is subtle and they keep the overall look of the tower. One of the few nice concrete office towers in the city.
I think it would just be restroration of the cornice on that skinny heritage part - the adjacent glass is probably part of the tower base.

As long as they keep the tower "connected" to the ground (with those tall uprights), I wouldn't mind a modern redo of the pbase / podium.