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Apr 22, 2007
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31A Parliament (Distillery, aA)

31A Parliament by architectsAlliance in the Distillery District has been announced as the winner of the Canadian Architect 2007 Award of Excellence. It's a 6s mixed use building (office/retail/studios) for a multimedia company, with a transparent facade with a series of rectlinear "pods".

The article and any further information on this project will be posted here when available.

according to Google maps that address corresponds to the parking lot that runs from Parliament along the south edge of the Distillery.... ? Curious to see how that will fit in. They are building some pretty good density in this area!

It is - not immediately off Parliament but some distance away from it. The rendering in the journal is really neat - basically an open column/beam system (referencing the rack house) with extensive glazing. Totally gratitious - but also very neat looking.

Parking lot where it will go along the rail tracks.

Photos 2 & 3 show it best.






What I really can't wait for is Retail Signage to open. They have them all around the world and now its Toronto's turn! Yay, I can't wait to shop for what I can only assume will be varied kinds of retail signage...
I now feel the urge to open a hipster-oriented clothing-and-related-ironic-goods store on West Queen West named "Retail Signage".
31A is not part of the gooderham & worts complex (or Clear Spirits). It's occupied by a one storey industrial building and an 80 foot billboard directly south of the distillery's stone building
"Retail Signage". I guess that'd be the joint where one can find hundreds of variations on the LED-lighted "Open" sign for sale...
I believe Urban Shocker will be beside himself with glee. ;)
There's another distillery building located on the northwest corner of Mill and Trinity, which I assume is also a rack house. Why is it not shown on that map?
thanks for the info guys...

seeing those renderings again just made me realize that atleast on the first tower we didnt get the angled balconies they teased us with... also the roof doesnt seem like it will get the raised and lit crown that appears in the renders. I think the angled balconies would have had a much better interplay with the triangular base / parking garage... the result we got is quite underwhelming in comparison. False advertising or what?
31A Parliament is actually not shown in any of those renderings - it's not part of of the podiums of Pure/Clear spirit. I'll see if I can dig something up though ...
If, as Alvin points out, 31A is approximately on the lot right behind the Bldg 2/3/4/5 on the map, then it is located immediately to the west of where the ribbon building ends, according to the model in the Clear Spirit sales office which shows the ribbon extending slightly to the west of Trinity Street.