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But if Commerce Court East is torn down, as per this proposal, that would affect a very high volume exit from King Stn.

The first thought I have is whether they would attempt to maintain that entrance in operation through any build; and if not, how King Stn would handle the crowd having to pulse through is already over capacity main mezzanine and stairs/escalators.

My second, related thought, is whether this proposal contemplates expanding what is now the CC exit of King Stn. It too is already very fully utilized in rush hour, and could use more room if it's to handle larger volumes of passengers.

This is a good point - I think that the subway / path connection would certainly have to be closed during construction. How is everybody going to enter and exit King Station during rush hour?
This view will be pretty much wiped out

You'll have another 2 or 3 years of that view, followed by 3 or 4 years of construction before it's all gone. Not many views in the core stay as is during this ongoing boom.
agreed that this tower should maybe at least appear slimmer. But everything else design wise so far is great. The spire and roof line and vertical shapes along the edges are fantastic. For this spot it adds change from flat roofs and sets it apart from the rest here. Yet still fits in. As the biggest here are all different enough from the others that they compliment one another. Regis tower would have been better in it origional proposed height. I know dead horse. But I imagine now how that would have looked and with sapphire tower and wow. Still hoping for that tower in the future. Or design like it in the city
I am not sure what it is about it - but this to me is the ugliest design of any of the new large towers being proposed. I also find the extreme density/closeness to existing towers less desirable. Therefore at this point - if something does not get built - I hope it is this one.