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I always appreciate Koops’ work. While a particular render of a building may also appear in a thread on a neighboring structure, it is still helpful to have it here. If I want to check out the render at some future point, it is much more convenient simply to come to this thread than to try to remember which other thread it appears in.

Keep up the good work!
Totally agree. I don’t spend that much time on UT, and I don’t read most of the threads, so it was helpful to have the render repeated here. What’s the harm, really?
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commerce court 3.PNG
Toronto can’t build office towers fast enough

A decade ago, an office landlord might have gone into crisis mode upon learning a tenant as big as Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce was preparing to flee to a new development down the street. But these days, perhaps nothing says more about demand for office space in downtown Toronto than QuadReal Property Group’s response to precisely that scenario.
While the first tower of Ivanhoé Cambridge’s 2.9-million-square-foot CIBC Square rises next to Union Station, QuadReal, rather than fretting over a huge impending vacancy at its venerable Commerce Court complex next year, is working with city planners to add 1.8 million square feet of space to the complex with a new 64-storey tower.

QuadReal, meanwhile, declined an interview request, but industry people say the planned new tower at Commerce Court, which will replace two shorter buildings to be torn down, will be impressive, is probably six or seven years out, and that there will likely be announcements in 2019.
I don't know if it was previously mentioned, and the thread is a tad large to go over every page, so I apologize if it has..........

But if Commerce Court East is torn down, as per this proposal, that would affect a very high volume exit from King Stn.

The first thought I have is whether they would attempt to maintain that entrance in operation through any build; and if not, how King Stn would handle the crowd having to pulse through is already over capacity main mezzanine and stairs/escalators.

My second, related thought, is whether this proposal contemplates expanding what is now the CC exit of King Stn. It too is already very fully utilized in rush hour, and could use more room if it's to handle larger volumes of passengers.

I just read the Transportation Strategy, didn't see any mention of either issue at first blush, but didn't get to all the appendicies.
I highly doubt there will be any major redesigns for this tower.
The L Tower does have a raking angle at its peak though and it is considerably shorter than the tallest towers in the core.