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I don't understand that point - you can just wander into the courtyard right now like any other of the large bank courtyards. There are still two different entrances that do not require you to walk through the building..
It appears the original configuration allowed for the courtyard to be accessed freely from all four corners as opposed to just two. I think that would make it more effective public space, especially for this 'quad' like space.
The courtyard does not feel porous, especially from King Street which (at least for now) is the front side of the complex. Removing the Zeidler addition there would increase pedestrian traffic through and public use of the courtyard.
Agreed.... looks like it's been shrunk in the vertical aspect. Or fattened in the horizontal one. Either way, the proportions seem off. Nice image though - crisp lines and lovely shading.

It's distorted as it is a screenshot from REVIT (an arch. software). The 3D view in REVIT usually has some degree of distortion.

That said, even without distortion this is a lumbering oaf of a project that takes far more from that public space than it gives back. Really disappointed to see how it overwhelms and encroaches on the public court and existing Commerce Court North. Even in the most flattering of rendering views at ground level, it just feels squeezed in and leaves no breathing room between itself and the existing context. It feels "off".
The courtyard does not feel porous, especially from King Street which (at least for now) is the front side of the complex. Removing the Zeidler addition there would increase pedestrian traffic through and public use of the courtyard.
Plans are to remove the Zeidler vestibule, and replace it with a new one. You'd still have two sets of doors to pass trough to get into the courtyard from King Street.

I took three colleagues to the court yard and fountain a few years ago because it is one of my favourite urban spots in town. They are from Toronto. I'm from Vancouver originally. To my surprise they didn't know of this court yard's existence so it was their first visit. I suppose my point is it so hidden that many laval don't even know about it. I 'm an urban explorer so go into every nook and cranny.
In terms of the permeability of the block, one should remember that one of the original premises of the Pei site plan was to maintain the through-route of Jordan Street, which used to extend southerly all the way from King to Wellington. Though it was closed below Melinda once CC was built, the sight-lines and pedestrian route stayed open until the Zeidler additions.

The current proposal in its width completely compromises this through-route both visually and spatially. The perfect solution would be to do a slenderer, taller tower on the same footprint of the present building. Though it would probably be argued that the floor-plate is too small for "modern" office uses, it would be the right thing to do.

The block in 1924:


Pei's original Site Plan (1972):



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This building is very overwhelming on the area and needs to be either shifted east or have its floorplate shrinked to respect its surroundings. It basically strangles the courtyard - which is hardly even public space anymore under this design iteration. There is a lack of public space in Toronto in general and to see this one encroached on like this is a big shame.
QuadReal should get Lanterra on the phone then. And have a wire transfer for $55m+ ready to go!
Why not? It’s questionable how Lanterra can even develop 60 Yonge and comply with the Tall Building Guidelines setbacks to the west and south. Why not do a tower on the site of 60 Yonge and Hotel Victoria and the north half of CC east, not going further west than the current building. Leave the south half as is as well as CC south. Maintains the integrity of Pei’s design both architecturally and urbanistically.
in a staff report in front of council regarding tax breaks for this project..

4. 56 Yonge St et al –QuadReal Properties/bcIMC –“Commerce Court 3” (25 King Street West (Commerce Court North), 199 Bay Street (Commerce Court West), 30 Wellington Street (Commerce Court South), 21 Melinda Street (Commerce Court East), 56 Yonge Street (Hotel Victoria)

The IMIT application was submitted on February 21, 2018 and proposes approximately 2 million square feet (64 stories) of new office space scheduled to be operational in 2025. The development is within the boundaries of both the current and proposed expansion of the Financial District. The building is seeking to qualify under the IMIT Corporate Head Quarter eligibility. They have submitted a confidential tenant memo affirming that a Letter of Intent has been submitted by the tenant and that they will meet the Corporate Head Quarter criteria. The prospective tenant will occupy 300,000 square feet. As mentioned earlier in this report the IMIT Grant would have been proportional to the eligible gross floor area. It is expected that this development will support approximately 10,000 jobs. The building is designed by DIALOG and Hariri Pontarini Architects. The developer is proposing to tear down two shorter buildings at Commerce Court and replace them with a 64-storey tower the exact height of the nearby BMO Tower at First Canadian Place. The two buildings would share the title of Toronto's tallest office building. The proposal includes improvements to the public realm including new Wellington Street frontage, a parkette at the corner of King and Bay Streets and will restore key heritage assets. Many of the design details remain under review as they have submitted a Zoning By-law Amendment application that is still in process.