Toronto 10 Prince Arthur | 27.55m | 7s | North Drive | Richard Wengle

Ah memories. The first time I was ever accused by a NIMBY of being paid by a developer was because at the consultation meeting I was the only one who supported higher density on this site. I was the youngest one there by at least 20-25 years.
Current condition:

Pretty much what was expected. North Drive and Wengle have been collaborating for some solid work lately for this genre, so at least the quality should be consistent. The partial rendering hints that the building should be fairly within similar scale to the original proposal here.
So my bet was HP where doing something very different with their design direction for this save the lobby bit. Or Wrengle doing something a little different with the lobby bit. It is now seems the latter guess was the correct one. Err...thanks for confirming that. :)

PS/Update: Thanks for updating the the header and database on this, admin! /bows
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...well they better hurry up with this, before those mass of vines swallows the heritage portion of this project back to the Earth!