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I went for lunch on Prince Arthur yesterday and noticed a sign announcing a new townhouse project on the north side of Prince Arthur, just west of Avenue Road. It's slated for the site right beside "The Host" Indian restaurant (the site currently has an abandoned house on it).
I think the sign said 6 townhouses, starting at just under $2M...I can't remember the name of the project, but it has "Prince Arthur" in the name.
Small infill project, hopefully with good design.
I've wondered why that house has been left to rot. Is it a heritage site that they're waiting to fall down so they can build these townhouses?
10 Prince Arthur (Castlepoint, Hariri Pontarini)

There's an ad in the Film Festival catalogue (page 384) for 10 Prince Arthur by Castlepoint Realty, Hariri Pontarini Architects, LEED candidate. Web site mentions townhomes but no tower. The print ad has a small hand drawn sketch showing a tower of about 16 floors.

There is also an image of Sterling Road Film Studios, along with the Libeskind boot.
This building was discussed at an Annex planning meeting tonight. Essentially, the developer would like to move the heritage building up against the sidewalk. The developer also has the building next door (14 Prince Arthur) that currently is a 3-4 story building that has Host restaurant in the front.

This building will be taken out and a 9 story building would be constructed on 10 & 14 Prince Arthur. The whole building would nearly abut the sidewalk (3.5m of sidewalk space) and the heritage building would be incorporated into the new building (including keeping the roof and east wall of the building).

The front of the building would scale up kind of sharply - Floors 1-3 would be the street wall, floors 4-6 would be set back slightly, then floors 6-9 would be set slightly further back. The back of the building will be terraced more gradually down to 3 stories on the back, and the terraces will have an emphasis on having space for small trees. Its peak height will be just above 35 meters.

On street level there will be commercial-retail space.

The building looked excellent and looked like it would fit really well on the street and in the neighborhood. The building materials were very high quality (wood, copper, & Algonquin limestone) and the building looked like a condo version of the McKinsey & Company building on Charles street (FYI: link is a pdf).

This makes sense - it's the same architect.
In the neighbourhood yesterday, I snapped a photo to show the out-of-town crowd where this proposal is going:

In the background: the only Yorkville-area building I want to live in: one of my dream homes!:)

had my first threesome in that building - they were quite dreamy
Public Open House to discuss the plan with "key members of the development team".

Tuesday March 31, 2009
6 - 8 pm
The Bedford Room
2nd Floor - North Tower
Park Hyatt Hotel

This was in my mailbox and seems to have nothing to do with Adam Vaughan's office, which is a nice (and interesting) step for the developer to take.

This will be the 5th (!) public consultation on this property.